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Taking Aggressive Action To Protect Injured Pedestrians in Everett

Every year, hundreds of Washingtonians look for competent Everett pedestrian accident lawyers to represent them in a legal capacity. Throughout Everett and Washington, an increasing number of employees walk or bike to work, putting them at risk of vehicle collisions.

If you’re trying to figure out whether you need a pedestrian accident law firm to assist you, here is all you need to know about pedestrian accidents and your legal resources from the experienced legal team at Mulvihill Law Firm PLLC. We have a team of pedestrian accident lawyers that is ready to help you get your life back and get justice for your injuries.

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Pedestrian Accidents and Their Main Causes

Pedestrian vehicle accidents occur when a driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian doesn’t have situational awareness of their surroundings. Statistics from the Washington TSC reveal that 20% to 30% of the state’s population does not drive, and many professionals and students use crosswalks and sidewalks daily.

The agency’s recent records reveal that distracted drivers cause 32% of all pedestrian casualties. The leading causes of pedestrian accidents are:

  • Drivers making left-hand turns
  • Unmarked crosswalks
  • Weather conditions like fog, rain, and snow
  • Jaywalking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Driving under the influence of drugs

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

According to the CDC, the United States records one pedestrian death every 88 minutes from a traffic accident. The most common pedestrian accident-related injury is damage to the lower extremities, such as feet, shins, and legs. Around 50% of victims experience pelvic fractures, skin lacerations, and torn muscles and ligaments.

About 38% of pedestrian accident victims receive a strike to the head, neck, or face after colliding with the hood or windshield. Jaw fractures, concussions, shoulder dislocations, and spine injuries are commonplace. The remaining 27% of victims suffer damage to their wrists, abdomen, chest areas, and other upper extremities.

Some of the common pedestrian accident injuries also include:

  • TBIs
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Internal bleeding/damage
  • Paralysis
  • Road rash, deep bruising, lacerations

Legal Actions from Pedestrian Accident Law Firms

Many Americans are reluctant to seek medical attention after a pedestrian accident because they’re worried about insurance coverage. You should always put your health first and visit a pedestrian accident law firm after tending to your medical needs.

It’s not uncommon for drivers to claim that pedestrians are responsible for traffic accidents, so our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys can set the record straight. We’ll collect evidence like photographs and police documentation to make your case in court. We’ll also negotiate with insurance companies to give you the best chances of receiving financial compensation that covers the cost of the accident.

Choosing a Pedestrian Accident Attorney for Legal Proceedings

Timing is essential when dealing with insurance adjusters, so look for a personal injury attorney who can schedule a consultation right away. The faster you start the process of filing a personal injury claim, the better chances you’ll have of receiving maximum compensation. You should also hire a lawyer with experience handling cases like hit-and-runs and wrongful deaths.

Some attorneys specialize in multiple areas, but hiring one with personal injury as their primary practice will help your case. You don’t want someone who only dabbles in pedestrian accidents. Look for a legal professional with an excellent track record who is not afraid to take insurance companies to court if it means helping their client receive what’s fair.

Why Hire a Team Of Pedestrian Accident Attorneys In Everett

Hiring an Everett pedestrian accident lawyer from an established law firm will help you focus on your recovery from the accident. A personal injury attorney will deal with insurance adjusters, countersuits from the erring party, and other court-related matters. You won’t have to worry about fighting for your money while undergoing physical therapy or surgery.

Pedestrian accident lawyers from Mulvihill Law Firm will pursue compensation for monetary damages such as lost wages, mental anguish, medical bills, property damage, and more. They will stop insurance companies from lowballing you in the interest of making a profit.

When it comes to getting a satisfactory pedestrian car accident settlement, there are countless benefits for partnering with a team of specialized accident attorneys rather than attempting to negotiate the claim on your own.

Some of the benefits that working with a pedestrian accident attorney afford you are:

  • Your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries are far greater with an attorney. All aspects of your injury will be accounted for such as lost wages, pain and suffering, medical costs, expected future costs, etc.
  • You don’t need to carry the stress of representing yourself during the court process.
  • A pedestrian accident attorney knows how to negotiate and fight for you.
  • Working with an attorney may expedite the process of reaching a settlement.

Hire the Best Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Everett – Mulvihill Law Firm

Mulvihill Law Firm is proud to serve the residents of Everett with knowledgeable and seasoned pedestrian accident lawyers who are not afraid to stand up to insurance companies and irresponsible drivers. Accidents occur every day, and pedestrians are among one of the most vulnerable demographics.

Don’t engage in a war of words with law enforcement, insurance adjusters, and irresponsible drivers. Call us and let us handle your case while you focus on recovering.

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