My Lawyer is Not Fighting For Me, What Can I Do?

“Why is my lawyer not fighting for me?” is never something you want to ask yourself. When you hire a lawyer for your legal representation, you expect them to do everything in their power to win your case. However, you may occasionally encounter a law firm that is not serving you well.

In this blog, the team at Seattle’s Mulvihill Law Firm, PLLC, provides some guidance about handling such a situation.


What Are the Possible Reasons Why My Lawyers Are Not Holding Up Their End of the Deal?

Whether you seek custody, go through a divorce, recover from a personal injury, or fight criminal charges, you need a lawyer with the best professional conduct who will see your case through to a positive outcome. If you’ve found yourself wondering why your lawyer isn’t fighting for you the way that you want or need, there may be a few reasons you find their service unsatisfactory.

If you find your lawyer unsatisfactory, it may result from poor communication skills or a lack of competence or ethics on their part. Perhaps they have overbooked themselves and see themselves too involved in other cases to give yours adequate time. They could be going through personal problems or medical issues that affect the quality of their work.


What Are The Necessary Steps to Take When This Situation Happens?

Are you at the point where you find yourself asking: “What do I do? My bicycle accident lawyer is not fighting for me?” or “How do I save my case if my criminal lawyer or my personal injury lawyer is not fighting for me?” This is unfortunate, but you need solid, aggressive representation no matter what. You will start thinking, “Is your lawyer a bad lawyer?” Here are a few steps you can take to protect yourself, your legal case, and your rights:


  • Schedule time to talk to sort out the problems. As for a meeting with your lawyer and sharing your concerns. Sometimes you and your lawyer can resolve issues through a meeting or discussion; also, it improves the client-attorney relationship.
  • Request assistance in improving communication. Suppose your lawyer doesn’t seem to be listening to you and isn’t meeting your needs. In that case, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) urges clients to improve their relationship before giving up and filing a grievance. The organization will respond to help facilitate your request.
  • File a complaint. If those efforts fail, you can file a grievance or complaint against your attorney through the WSPA. Please follow the instructions here.
  • Find another attorney. If you cannot resolve things with your lawyer, you have the right to fire them and hire another attorney. You will need to do so in writing. Make sure to ask for a copy of your file.
  • Sue, the lawyer. If things escalate and your lawyer has been negligent, you can sue them. This is a measure of last resort.


What Are The Qualities of a Good Personal Lawyer?

When your lawyer fails to communicate with you, it can be frustrating. Being left in the dark regarding your legal issues is highly stressful. Your lawyer works for you, so you should be able to expect clear communication regularly.

Any lapse of competence or ethics on your attorney’s part will always lead to a bad partnership. Working with someone who does not have the skills to fight for you – or worse, doesn’t have your best interests at heart – can do more harm than good.

When looking for a good lawyer, you’ll want to make sure that they check the following boxes before you retain their legal services.


  • Good communication skills
  • Sound judgment
  • Good track record
  • Quality values
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance

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