Do I Need Personal Injury Protection

Medical costs are covered under personal injury protection, generally known as PIP coverage or no-fault insurance, irrespective of who is blamed. Lost wages are frequently included.  

Do I Need Personal Injury Protection? You might be wondering, and your state of residence will determine this. PIP might be necessary, or it might just be an option that you don’t have to use. 

Even if you aren’t driving, this coverage might be useful. According to the state, PIP may have you covered up to the limits you select whether you are hurt by a car when you are walking, riding your bike, or even in someone else’s vehicle.  

What Does Personal Injury Protection Cover? 

The financial expenses of recuperating from an auto accident are covered by PIP. Depending on how your state defines an accepted medical expense, additional benefits might be available. 

These can include: hospitalization and other medical bills; physical therapy; lost wages if you are unable to work; accidental death and funeral costs; transportation costs for medical appointments; childcare, housecleaning, and other services that you usually provide but are unable to do so.

A death benefit for the surviving family members of those who died in an automobile accident may also be covered. After paying for medical expenses and other PIP claims up to your insurance limits, this sum is normally equal to any PIP limitations that are still owed on your policy.

Do I Need PIP Insurance? 

You are required to have personal injury protection in place in 12 states and Puerto Rico.

Medical expenses are covered by personal injury protection, sometimes known as PIP coverage or no-fault insurance, regardless of who was at fault. It frequently also includes lost wages. In your state, PIP may be required or offered but not required. This coverage may be helpful even if you’re not in your car. PIP may provide coverage up to the limitations you choose if you are wounded by a car while riding a bicycle, walking, or even riding in someone else’s car, depending on the state.

How Does PIP Insurance Work? 

Do I need personal injury protection on car insurance?  This can be added to your commercial auto insurance plan. No matter who was at blame for the car accident, this type of insurance, known as “no-fault insurance,” covers medical costs (MedPay) after it has occurred.

It can be a very significant increase to your auto insurance coverage and is also known as bodily injury liability insurance.

Because it is doubtful that their personal health insurance will pay for their medical expenses following a car accident, many consumers purchase this coverage.

Even if your auto insurance covers your injuries, it may not cover all medical expenses and won’t reimburse you for lost wages if you’re out of work for a period. While recovering from an injury, PIP coverage can assist in covering missed wages.

Do I Need PIP if I Have Health Insurance? 

Do I need personal injury protection if I have health insurance? The response? It varies.

You may just need the bare minimum of PIP if you have excellent health insurance with a plan that offers comprehensive post-accident coverage.

However, you might want to consider purchasing health insurance if you don’t currently have it or if your current plan isn’t particularly good. 

PIP will also provide you with some of those beneficial substitute services we mentioned before and extras like lost wage reimbursement. Identify the type of policy that might be appropriate for you by working with your insurance agent.

PIP Limits By State


$15k for each person, $30k for each accident, and $5k for funeral costs.


Up to $10,000 in medical and disability costs, as well as $5,000 in death benefits, are covered to an amount of 80%.


• $4,500 in medical costs per individual

• A one-year loss of income of $900 per month; daily at-home services costing $25;

• $4,500 towards each person’s rehabilitation costs

• A funeral costs each person $2,000


$ 8,000 per person/per accident


To reduce the cost of auto insurance, Michigan recently changed the PIP criteria in its legislation. The following PIP coverage amounts are now available, however, PIP coverage is still required (in almost all situations):

$500,000, $250,000, $50,000 (the least expensive option available to Medicaid applicants), and unlimited PIP coverage

• Opt-out (restricted to motorists with valid health insurance covering injuries sustained in auto accidents).


$40,000 per person/per accident

New Jersey  

$ 15,000 per person

New York

$ 50,000 per person

North Dakota

$ 30,000 per person


$ 15,000 per person


$ 5,000 per person


$ 3,000 per person

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