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Drunk driver kills two pedestrians

Residents in Washington State have heard about the dangers of drunk driving for many decades now. Yet, despite widespread education and awareness campaigns, too many people continue to make the choice to drive their cars after they have been drinking. This means other innocent people are put in harm's way for no good reason. This also means that the family members of those who may be killed by a drunk driver have to experience losses that should never happen.

Goal of no pedestrian, bike deaths may be in jeopardy

Washington State residents are known to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the easy access to outdoor activities and the natural beauty that surrounds them. For many people, this means enjoying a run, walk or bike ride as part of a regular exercise routine. Some people even find walking or riding a bike a viable means of commuting to and from school or work. Sadly for these people, the Washington State Department of Transportation recently announced accident fatality statistics that are far from in a cyclist's or pedestrian's favor.

Driver intentionally rams into pedestrians

Residents throughout Washington State often tend to enjoy the ability to be outdoors and as spring has finally arrived in full swing, now more than ever walking outside can be a treat after the long rainy months of winter. However, people always need to be aware of motorists regardless of the season or time of day as they will always be at a disadvantage when on foot compared to people in vehicles.

As traffic fatalities went down, pedestrian fatalities went up

Did you know that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of traffic fatalities declined from 2006 to 2015? The drop off was significant too, as the total number of traffic fatalities declined by 18 percent. Everything about this sounds great, right? But buried in these numbers is a sinister truth: pedestrian fatalities actually went up during the same period of time.