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Homeowners insurance and aggressive dogs

When a group of people in Washington State is asked how they feel about pit bulls there is a good chance of responses with conflicting views and strong opinions on either end of the spectrum. Pit bull owners may be likely to tout their four-legged friend's companionship and even gentleness and further indicate that they have trained their dog so that nobody would ever need to be afraid of it. Other people, however, while acknowledging that training may contribute to a dog's demeanor may be less inclined to think of a pit bull as anything other than an aggressive dog to be wary of.

Man attacked by dog belonging to friend

Many people in Washington State have dogs as pets and are able to enjoy the positive side of a pet-owner relationship. Even some people who do not have pets themselves understand this bond and appreciate the animals. That, however, does not mean that people should not be aware that some dogs are able to and possibly even likely to cause serious harm to humans. The circumstances under which a dog attack may take place can be varied and not always expected or predicted.

Dog Bites and the Basics

Dog bites can certainly prove upsetting for owners, but can become life-threatening for the victims themselves. Like most states, Washington enforces its own dog bite laws that aim to protect all residents in communities; however, such frightening incidents do happen. What can victims of dog bites expect in these tricky situations, and what are the repercussions for owners? 

Dangerous dog law to be considered

Views about what may be identified as a dangerous dog breed span quite a gamut among people in Washington State and the rest of the country. Certainly dogs are a popular type of family pet but some breeds have become the center of some debates as to their safety over the years. Pit bulls are one of those breeds who have found their way into many headlines after attacks on people young and old.