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Some experience long-term problems after whiplash

Anyone who has been involved in or knows someone who has been involved in a vehicle accident in Washington State may well have heard about whiplash. It may be one of the conditions most commonly associated with car accidents, especially if an accident has involved one vehicle being hit from behind by another. It is this type of situation that may result in the neck being jerked quickly back and forth.

Suspected impaired driver underage, causes crash

Many people in Washington State may well have thoughts in their minds about when their risk of being hit by a drunk driver is most likely. Certainly a lot of attention is given to holidays like the Fourth of July or New Year's Eve but the reality is that a drunk driver can be on any road at any time, day or night, holiday or not.

Accident fatalities rise in Washington State

If you listen regularly to local or regional news in Western Washington, you no doubt hear or read many stories recounting serious and even fatal motor vehicle accidents. These reports can make it hard for you to know whether or not efforts to improve public safety are working. Laws may get stricter, safety technology in vehicles may advance and yet people continue to lose their lives in crashes every year.

Pedestrians vs. motorists: Who has the right of way?

When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian is likely to suffer severe injuries. A human body is not designed to collide with metal and glass, and a collision, even at a low speed, can do serious bodily harm. The increases in distracted driving, coupled with inattentive pedestrians have to lead to a rise in accidents.