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Premises Liability

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If you were injured in a commercial premises, such as a store or office building, you may have a right to sue for compensation. Under tort law, a business owner has greater responsibility for your safety than a social host/friend. After all, you are invited in to do business benefiting the store owner.

Landowners have a duty to inspect their properties for any defects which could cause injury. An example would be grocery clerks assigned to periodically check for spilled or dropped merchandise that could cause a slip or trip.

Frequently, businesses are so busy with going about their business, or so focused on their profits, that they neglect their duty and the safety of customers like you. The most common cause of a slip and fall is a liquid spilling on the floor, or a slippery item that someone steps on. Serious knee injuries, back injuries, and injury to just about any part of the body can result. Commercial floors are typically solid and falling on them hurts and causes injuries.

Tall ceilings in commercial properties accommodate displays, which can fall and hurt people. Renovations may not take into account the danger posed to visitors. Defective construction or design, poorly placed rugs, and other examples of negligence are responsible for accidents and injuries.

If the business knew of a spilled liquid or an item you could trip over, and failed to attend to it or do so effectively, there may be liability. They must at least warn visitors to prevent slip-, trip-and-fall accidents. Contact Mulvihill Law Firm if you or someone you love has suffered an avoidable injury. Since 1976 we have been there for people in need, offering skill, experience and determination. Our Everett premises liability lawyers can help you explore your options for recovery.

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